Syringe Filling Machine

Syringe Filling Machine, which we make available, is designed to achieve fast production in Health Care industry, where pre-filled syringes are used for some treatments. We have designed and developed one unique model to achieve this. This Machine model AESF0205 can fill two syringes at a time. The quantity of fill can be from 1 gram to 5 grams as per the requirement. This design can be said as a miniature version of Pneumatic Piston Filling Machine, since the principle of filling used here is same as that of the piston filler. Since the Syringe Filling Machine, which we provide, is specially designed for syringes only, the fill nozzle is also modified according to the syringes. The threaded part of nozzle confirms a leak-proof filling and no spillage during the complete batch is a result. Accuracy of filling is high all the time.

Structure and Working
The Syringe Machine, which we provide, works with the help of compressed air. The Main Hopper or tank is made from stainless steel 316 quality machined and finished to honing. A steel piston works inside the barrel attached to a poly urethane oil seal, which suck and compress the pasty material from the hopper. Capacity of tank/ hopper is 2 kg. The product hopper can also be made air tight. Hopper bottom is fitted with ball valve for easy removal of extra material after each batch and easy cleaning. Paste is filled from the top by removing the top lid which is fitted by wing nuts. When once filled, the tank can deliver up to 600 syringes 0f 3 grams. Stroke or fill volume can be adjusted by the timer and a set screw.

When the material is filled inside the product hopper and electrical connection is made, the machine is ready to operate. The plastic syringes are to be attached to the fill nozzle by rotating clock wise. Now press the pedal operating switch to start the filling. Each filling will take less than 2 seconds. When the filling is done the machine stops and the syringes can be removed by hands. The material discharges through the valve to the nozzles where the syringes are attached.

There is a pedal operating switch provided with each machine, pressing and releasing of which will do each filling. The only operation manually done is to attach the syringes on nozzles and pressing the pedal operating switch. An accurate filling without dripping is possible using our Syringe Filling Machine.

  • Overall Machine size : 600 L X 300 WX 1100mm H
  • Machine weight : 30 Kg
  • Barrel size : 100ID X120mmOD X 300mm Long
  • Barrel & Piston material : Stainless Steel 316 for piston as per your requirement
  • Barrel capacity : 2 Liters
  • PU O” Ring and Oil seal over the Piston
  • Air pressure required : 5 Kgcm2
  • Electricity required : 230VAC/ single phase, 50 Hz
  • Material discharge valve and drain valve on Tank bottom
  • Top lid made open able to fill paste inside
  • Stop - Start by digital timer and pedal switch
  • Pedal operating switch for each fill start
  • All material contact parts and machine parts are in SS316 and plastic material.