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4 Head Juice Filling Machine

We offer a vast range of exclusive quality 4 Head Juice Filling Machine, which is made with high grade raw materials and modern technologies. We as a leading Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier provide an outstanding performance in the form of this immaculate quality which is highly demanded and praised among the customers. We process it in different specifications and can customize according to customers requirement. Get your hands on the impeccable quality for minimal rates.

Additional Information :
4 Head Vacuum Assisted Juice Filling Machine we manufacture are versatile filling machine for volume filling applications. Very useful filling machine designed for juices and distillery industries. Here, the machine works on the basis of air removal from glass or hard bottles using Vacuum suction from the container and liquid filling inside. Fast filling of any Glass bottles can be done by using this machine. Various volume can be filled by adjusting the height of Bottle holder and by adjusting the vacuum filling nozzle.


Special Features :

  • Strong model with complete stainless steel Mat finished covered body
  • All product contact parts are made of stainless steel 304 quality.
  • High speed filling as per volume required
  • No dripping or wastage of liquids because of vacuum and trap vessel.
  • 2 pairs of heads provides easiness in filling,
  • Bottle resting platform with height adjusting facility for Nozzles.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Any volume can be filled from 20ml to 1 liter as per required according to nozzle depth inside the bottle.



  • Machine size - 900 X 800 X 1500 mm H
  • Machine weight - 180 kgs. Approx.
  • Gross Weight including Packing  - 250 kg.
  • Number of heads - 4
  • Machine name - Four Head Vacuum Juice filling Machine.
  • Output - 15 fills per minute from each head @200ml.
  • Power consumption - 0.5 KwH.
  • Electricity required - 1 phase 220 VAC. 50 Hz.
  • Vacuum pump - 1/2HP 150 LPM, oil cooled, MINIVAC make.
  • All material contact parts are in SS 304
  • Base for bottles provided.
  • Inbuilt vacuum pump and closed-Oil cooled type.
  • High efficiency machine.
  • 20 liter capacity overflow stainless steel vessel attached.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low maintenance model.
  • Fill capacity from 20ml to 1000ml.