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Automatic Rotary Type Powder Filling Machine

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Additional Information :
Rotary type automatic Talcum Powder Filling Machine Model AEARPF series machine can fill talcum powder/or any other free flowing powder in different bottles by changing the bottle holders. With this machine, you can fill any powder material with small adjustments. A very user-friendly model with low maintenance requirement. This machine is different from Motorized Powder filler, because for fast and smooth outputs, Semi automatic machines does not respond properly because of the dusty environments. The operator will also gets tired in semi automatic machines. But in this rotary design, all filling operations are done by flower wheel/ turret and by the machine itself except bottle loading. The operations this machine can perform are, bottle movement from one station to other, bottle lifting for inside filling, and removal of bottles one by one after filling. Accuracy of filling is maximum up to 0.5% of the volume

Special Features :

  • Clean filling inside the bottle with high accuracy with the help of bottle lifting arrangement.
  • Filling volume can be adjusted without stopping the machine with timer adjustment.
  • Bottle holders can be provided as per size and shape on order.
  • Inbuilt Panel Box with all electrical control switches, timer mounted away from fill area.
  • Filling controlled by timer, so each volume is settable as per operator requirement.


Specifications for Automatic Rotary Type Powder Filling Machine

  • Machine Model - Automatic Powder Filling Machine AEARPF
  • Machine overall size; 3 ft L X 3Ft W X 7 Ft H
  • Machine weight - 285 kgs approx.
  • Gross weight - 350 Kgs.
  • Rotary Indexer Motor - ½ HP 220VAC to 415 VAC flange mounted.
  • Gearbox -  Eltek make - 1 -  25 ratio, Hollow shaft, worm geared.
  • VFD - Delta make, suitable for ½ HP motor.
  • Indexer -  60 degree grooved cam indexer SD100 model, CAMFIELD(DENCO) make.
  • Number of station - 6 Nos.
  • Turret - 600mm diameter, 15mm thk, aluminium machined with delrin holders.
  • Frame - 800 mm x 850mm x 600mm H, with inbuilt control panel.
  • Complete frame structure is covered with SS304 sheet metal of 18 gauge and finished to mat.
  • Powder filling - Augur type, controlled by timer, EAPL make.
  • Drive motor - 1 HP flange mounted,220VAC-415 VAC, 1440 RPM, ELTEK make.
  • Filling speed controlled by VFD, Delta Make.
  • Clutch brake - Cryotron Magnadrives make.
  • Stirrer motor - 1/2 HP Geared, output 60 RPM maximum.
  • Speed control - attached Delta VFD.
  • Bottle lifting - mechanical plunger.
  • All Material contact Parts are in SS304 grade, finished to mat.
  • Fill nozzle size - As per bottle mouth diameter
  • Output - 25 fills per minute with bigger nozzle.
  • Fill Capacity - 10gms-1000gms as per set time.
  • Inbuilt Panel Box with timers switches and valves.
  • 50 liter capacity SS304 mat finishedHopper comes with this machine.
  • Adjustable fill volume by timer adjustment and speed