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Dual Cartridges used in Dental as well as Epoxy Industries Filling Machine Exclusively manufactured by AMSON Engineering consists of a stainless steel square pipe fabricated frame structure and an inbuilt control panel  over which is mounted the entire filling unit so as to make the unit a compact one. Inside the panel box is mounted all the solenoid valve and electrical fittings. At the door side is the timer, counter, switches and indicators etc. Over the top plate, are the Fill barrels 2 set with mono-block design, of stainless steel 316 quality for 10 grams mounted in opposite directions facing each other and combined with a SS316 block for nozzle fitting. There are 2 hoppers provided totally with 6 liters ( 4 kg) capacity for each product/ fill head. A direction control valve at each head, pneumatic cylinder assembly for each side etc are seen on the top side.
Since this machine is designed to fill a single dual cartridge at a time, the barrel-piston units are attached to a pneumatic cylinder at opposite directions with combined fill nozzle design. The volume of filling can be accurately adjusted from 1ml to 10 ml/gm  as per customer requirement. Paste/ gel can be feed into the hopper from top side. The hoppers are provided with motorised slow speed stirrers. Hopper bottom side is having an outlet perfectly matching over the direction control valve assembly. This product hopper section is easily removable and attachable with the help of clamping plate. This helps in easy cleaning after the batch and product change over.  The stainless steel 316 product hopper can hold 4 kg of material at a time for both fill heads. Product can be paste or gel as per required. The nozzle enters into the cartridge nozzle perfectly and the stopper is locked by a cylinder attached with plate so that there is no air trapped inside the cartridge inside or any dripping is caused while filling process.
The filling barrels are having a diameter of 16mm inside diameter and a stroke length of 80mm. The piston rod from the filling barrels are attached to a connecting plate and there to a pneumatic cylinder. A fill volume adjustable screw is provided at the back side of each head over the pneumatic cylinders.
Valve unit is having a pin inside with hole at 90 degrees to each other. The direction of holes decides the intake or discharge of material to and from the fill barrel. This is made possible by a pneumatic cylinder actuating from the side. Filling is done when the cylinders actuates as programmed. Each filling is done when a push button is operated. The filling action is controlled by a timer. Electrically actuated solenoid valve controls the direction of cylinder forward or reverse. Accuracy of filling is very much high in this machine since high quality materials and high accuracy in manufacturing are implemented in this. Minimum filling in this machine is 1ml and maximum is 10 ml from each side heads.
When the production is to be started, first the bulk material can be filled into the product hoppers from the top side. When the material is filled 3/4th of the hopper, the stirrer motor can be started and once the product is homogenized, the machine can be started.
The cartridge is placed in such a way that the nozzle/ mouth is attached with the fill nozzle and it is locked well. Once the push button switch is operated, the back side of cartridge is clamped and filled accurately as per the volume set for the filling unit. There is a positive cut off valve provided at the fill side. This enables a drip free filling. Both the cartridges are filled accurately and simultaneously.
Since the machine work on single phase 220 VAC 50 Hz, the electrical connections can be giving to any domestic electrical supply. The power is turned “ON” and air supply can be release to the machine air regulator. The volume of filling can be adjusted by a set screw at the middle part of barrel assembly. The time of fill is pre-set on the timer, but it can be changed easily on the timer panel. There is pedal operating switch given with the machine to actuate the filling.
When the cartridge is located and clamped, the only manual operation done is to press and release the push button switch. Each pressing and release will do each cycle of filling.  Maximum time taken for filling 5 grams each as per our standard is 2.5 to 3 seconds. The time can be changed when the volume of fill increases and the speed of cylinder is a constant.


  • Machine name: Semi-automatic Electro pneumatically operated Dual cartridge filling machine.
  • Machine model: AEPSFD0210
  • Machine weight: 180kgs.
  • Machine overall size: 5feet L X 2 feet (W) X 5.5 feet H.
  • Gross weight: 250 Kgs.
  • Fill barrel dimensions: Diameter 16 mm bore X 80 mm stroke X 2 Set.
  • Mono-block SS316 grade block for barrel and valve : 200mm X 75mm X 75mm X 2 Nos. Mirror Finished.
  • Rail and block for piston movement: GHR 20 x 200mm long and GHW20CA HSAC make.
  • Aluminium hard anodized brackets for pneumatic cylinder mounting and other parts.
  • Volume adjustment screw: SS 304 screw of 16mm diameter X 1.5mm pitch screw and knob X 2 nos. for both heads.
  • Fill volume: 1gm and 10 gms.
  • Filling speed: Maximum combined fills of 10 Filled Dual cartridges per minute.
  • Fill cylinder: Pneumatic cylinder 40 mm bore diameter X 80 mm stroke JANATICS make
  • Piston: Stainless steel 304 attached with Teflon/ Food grade PU seals.
  • Valve actuating : Semi rotary actuator ROTEX India make
  • Timer: EAPL make
  • Solenoid valve: Janatics India make 24 VDC single solenoid spool operated 5/2 way
  • Product holding Hopper: 4 Kg capacity, (6 liter) SS316 quality X 2 nos, mirror finish from inside with bottom clamping plate.
  • Fill Nozzles: 1 Nos. as per required(Suitable for Dual Cartridge supplied by you)
  • Fill actuation: Push button switch.
  • Timer: OMRON Make Zen Controller with inbuilt programs.
  • Stirrer Motor: ½ HP, 40:1 ratio Hollow-shaft geared motor, ELTEK OVERSEAS INDIA make, X 2 Nos.
  • Stirrer blade: SS 316 grade flat paddle type with 2 arms at opposite sides.
  • Independent pillar structure and speed control facility for each stirrer motors.
  • VFD: DELTA Make, 0.4 Kwh, L Series Single phase to 3 phase
  • All the product contact parts are made of stainless steel 316 quality mirror finish as per specifications and no-contact parts in SS304 and hard anodized aluminium only.


Type Filling Machines
Weight 100-500kg
Voltage 110V
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 1-3kw
Driven Type Electric
Pressure High Pressure
Features Easy To Operate
Warranty 1year