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AMSON Engineering Make Hard gel/Paste filling machine for your made cockroach paste/gel with complete contact parts in stainless steel 316 quality. We have developed the best machine for very paste and gel filling and have customers in various countries for this machine. We have satisfied so many good customers in Dental Industry already for this particular model machine, since it is very successful machine to fill small injection type syringes. The accuracy of filling is also very high from this machine. The most preferred model for you in this series is AEPSF0135. This machine can fill a single syringe at a time. Fill volume can be 5gm to maximum 35 gms as per set volume by a set screw given at the back side of filling barrel assembly. According to your request, sending below is the details and best discounted offer for the same.

This machine is exclusively designed and manufactured to fulfil the needs of Dental, veterinary, and pharmaceuticals, agro related paste / gel filling into syringes and containers. This machine is Single head and completely pneumatically operated.
Machine is easy to operate and clean at the same time. Complete product contact parts are made from stainless steel 316 and also control panel keeping complete GMP standards with easy removal sanitary fittings, since the filling materials bio degradable or corrosive in nature.

Machine consists of a stainless steel cabinet structure over which is mounted the entire filling unit so as to make the unit a compact one. Inside the panel box is mounted all the electrical fittings and pneumatic control valves. At the door side of panel box is the fill timer, Power ON OFF switches and indicators etc are fitted. Over the top of  cabinet, mountings like stainless steel 316 fill mono-block barrel of maximum 35gms capacity, pneumatic cylinder assembly for piston actuation/ valve rotation, product holding SS304 cylindrical barrel with piston arrangement of capacity 10 Kg ( 12 liters in volume) with a top air tight lid etc. There is a Piston and rod assembly and inlet valve for air also provided. This mechanism is used for product back pressing so that easy feeding of filling head is made possible.
This model machine consist a mono-block design for barrel and valve to get high accuracy in filling. The volume of filling can be accurately adjusted from 5gm to maximum 35 gm. Paste or gel can be feed into the barrel from top side. Bottom side of barrel is having an outlet fitted with valve side perfectly matching over the valve assembly. This product barrel section is easily removable and attachable with the help of sanitary fittings (tri clamp). The stainless steel 304 grade product bulk barrel can hold 10 kg of material (gel) at a time. Product can be paste or gel as per required. The product measure barrel is made in the mono-block valve block at 90 degrees to the hopper, and the fill nozzle at the bottom side of valve block at 90 degrees facing down at the front side of the machine. This direct fitting of nozzle to the direction control valve helps to avoid any dripping during filling.
The filling barrel is having a diameter of 25mm and a maximum stroke length of 80mm. The piston rod from the filling barrel is directly attached to a pneumatic cylinder, linearly and a fill volume adjustable screw above the pneumatic cylinder. The volume adjustment screw is with a white delrin part which is adjusted only after turning off and draining the air supply to ease the operation. There is a lock nut also provided on the volume adjustment screw to lock the stroke length once set at desired volume.
Valve unit is having a smooth rotating pin inside with holes at 90 degrees to each other. The direction of holes decides the suction and discharge of product to and from the fill barrel. This is made possible by a pneumatic semi rotary actuator assembled from the side on a flange. The semi rotary mechanism rotates the valve pin.

Filling is done when the operator presses and releases the pedal operated foot switch once. The barrels already sucked product and measured it before each fill. When the foot pedal electrically operated switch is activated, the rotary valve opens towards the nozzle to barrel and the pneumatic cylinder moves forward to push the product to through the nozzle. The syringe is attached to the nozzle. Each filling is done with high accuracy. The filling action is controlled by a digital timer. This timer can be set as per the fill speed requirement related with the flow of air to the pneumatic cylinder. The speed of filling is adjusted with the flow control valves attached over the pneumatic cylinder. Electrically actuated solenoid valve controls the direction of cylinder forward or reverse. Accuracy of filling is very much high in this machine since high quality materials are used in this. Minimum filling in this machine is 5gm and maximum achievable fill quantity is 35gms from each nozzle. A maximum output of 15 fills can be done by adjusting the air supply to pneumatic cylinder and setting the timer both at a time.  If you increase the time of filling on the timer, the flow of air can be reduced, so that the filling will be done very slowly, because the piston gets more time to move from one end to other. If you reduce the time on timer, speed of discharging cylinder has to be increased to match the time set on the timer, thereby making a fast filling in less time.
It is better to adjust the time and flow of air to the product filling cylinder according to the gel density, flow ability of paste, volume to be filled in each stroke, and nozzle diameter etc to get best results. So, a medium speed of filling is advised to avoid vacuum formation inside the syringe. The time settable for 15 gram syringe filling is 3 seconds as optimum.
There is a slow speed mechanical stirrer provided for pushing the product towards the fill head. The unit is assembled over the top on a bracket and there is control switch on the panel box.
The product bulk barrel is removed and cleaned first with soap water/ cleaning solution/ sanitizer etc and dry with a cloth or tissue. The other fill assembly is flushed with hot water or any cleaning solution and cleaned before starting the unit.
When the production is started, first the product is to be poured into the product barrel from the top side till it is filled 3/4th of the Bulk barrel. Make sure the air supply is turned ON and the electric supply to the machine is connected to 220VAC 50/60 Hz and turned ON. The bottom valve of barrel has to be turned ON first and then the air supply is turned on to the barrel top side, so that the piston can move down and press the product. Now, the bleed valve is to be turned On to check whether there is any trapped air inside the barrel and it can be removed first. Once the air is released the bleed valve is turned OFF. Now, start the function switch and start to fill syringes as per required volume.
Since the machine work on single phase 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, the electrical cable is plugged in to the supply. The volume of filling is adjusted now, by the set screw at the back part of fill barrel and cylinder. Check the time of fill on the timer, and confirm whether it is to be changed or not. This setting is done easily on the timer panel. There is pedal operating switch given with the machine to actuate the filling.
The filling nozzle is fitted towards the front side of the machine on valve block bottom. Nozzle is designed as per the container mouth diameter in which the filling has to be done.  The syringe is attached to the nozzle and start the filling by pressing the foot operated switch once for each filling. The nozzle is the only change part in this machine.
When the syringe is attached to the nozzle, the only manual operation done is to press and release the foot pedal operating switch one time. Each pressing and release will do each filling. The time of filling is set according to the fill speed of material into the syringe and output requirements and also depends on how the syringe is filled. If the paste is free flowing, then it can be filled in 3 seconds time @15 grams. So, the time can be changed according to the characteristics of paste only. But, the high accuracy is only possible with medium speed.


  • Machine name: Semi-automatic Single Head pneumatically operated Cockroach gel filling machine.
  • Machine model: AEPSF0135
  • HSN Code: 84223000
  • Machine weight: 90kgs.
  • Machine overall size: 2.5feet L X 1 foot (w) X 3 feet H (including product Hopper).
  • Gross weight: 120 Kgs.
  • Fill barrel dimensions: Dia 25 mm bore X 80 mm stroke
  • Fill volume: 5gm to maximum 35 gms.
  • Filling speed: Maximum 15 fills per minute
  • Fill cylinder: Pneumatic cylinder 40 mm bore diameter X 80 mm stroke Janatics India make
  • Piston: Stainless steel 316 attached with Teflon seals.
  • Valve actuator : Semi-Rotary actuator, NISHAKA India make
  • Timer: EAPL India make
  • Solenoid valve: Janatics make 220 VAC , 50/ 60 Hz, Single phase, single spool operated solenoid.
  • Product holding Barrel: 10 Kg capacity (12 Liters) SS304 quality, mirror finish from inside and mat finish from outside with air tight top lid and a piston rod assembly.
  • Fill Nozzles: 1No. Straight leur lock Type. Single head
  • All the product contact parts are made of stainless steel 316 quality mirror finish.
  • Power consumption:  0.5 KwH, Single phase 220VAC, 50 Hz. 5 Amp. Power source.
  • Air consumption: 2 cfm @6 bar pressure. ( 1 HP air compressor required to operate this machine)


Type Paste Filling Machine
Weight 100-500kg
Color Silver
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 1-3kw
Warrenty 1 Year
Driven Typeq Electric
Finishing Polished
Application Food
Machine Capacity 165 Liters / Hr.