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Hydraulic Putty Extrusion Filling Machine

We, as a Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier, are involved in offering Hydraulic Putty Extrusion Filling Machine. The machine on offer is durable and robust. Our team of well trained staff keeps manufacturing process under stringent supervision to ensure our quality is in conformity with different standards set by industry. Hence, our customers can rest assured of the quality. We offer a range of designs and specifications.

Additional Information :

  • Hydraulic Hard Putty Extrusion Filling machine is having a stainless steel GMP type square pipe fabricated frame structure design with a bulk product vessel stainless steel 316 quality having 20 kilograms holding capacity at a time. The frame structure is at 3 levels, such as base frame, middle part for holding the barrel and top part to assemble the hydraulic cylinder. There is an independent hydraulic power-pack unit provided with inbuilt control panel which controls the entire unit during operation. There are 2 hose pipe lines attached from the power-pack to the cylinder. We provide a pedal operating switch to operate as per discharge requirement. The reverse movement of piston rod is automatic when the bulk vessel is empty. The piston is directly coupled with the cylinder piston rod. There is enough clearance provided to load the material to the vessel.


  • The unit works on hydraulic power and electric supply of 220VAC 50/60 Hz, Single/ 3 phase electricity. All the product contact parts will be made from Stainless steel 316 quality materials only. There will be a flange mounted with O’ ring at the bottom of barrel and the flange with an opening at center, to attach the discharge nozzle of suitable size.


Working :

  • When the machine in OFF condition, the piston will be at top end, which means, the barrel/ vessel can be filled 3/4th of it with the product.
  • The unit can be started and the piston can be brought down in rapid mode till it touches the material inside. Now, when once the piston comes in contact with the material, it starts to compress the material and by further pressing of pedal operating switch will start the extrusion of material and at this point, the bottles/ containers can be held at the mouth of nozzle and filled accurately.
  • An output of 10 filled containers can be achieved in a minute.



  • Machine name - Semi-automatic Hydraulic operated Fermin Extrusion filling machine.
  • \Machine model - AEHEF0130
  • Machine weight - 225kgs.
  • Machine overall size - 2feet X 2 feet (w) X 6.5 feet H.
  • Gross weight - 320 Kgs.
  • Bulk product barrel dimensions - Dia250 mm bore X 350 mm stroke X 1 no.
  • Fill volume - 10gms to 30 gms or more.
  • Fill speed - Maximum 10-15 Fills per minute.
  • Fill cylinder - Hydraulic cylinder dia50 bore X 500 mm stroke PRESTON make
  • Piston - Stainless steel 316 attached withTeflon seal.
  • Fill Nozzle - 1 No. As per bottle/ container mouth size
  • All the product contact parts are made of stainless steel 316 quality mirror finish.
  • Electricity required - 3 Phase 415 VAC, 3 KwH
  • Pedal Operating switch for easy operation.
  • Automatic rapid reverse movement when barrel is empty.