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Reactor vessels are used in many medium and large scale production setups. This unit is very economical, easy to operate and easy to maintain type. Any liquids-powder and oil-powder products and other liquid materials can be easily mixed by using this machine.

Unit consists of a Stainless steel Vessel with dish end bottom and oil heating jacket, insulation jacket and the outer diameter there are 4 strong Support brackets at the middle height of vessel.  The vessel is heated with heavy duty heaters fitted at the bottom. There is a separate control panel provided with the unit to manage the temperature of material inside the vessel with the help of a thermocouple. The mixing unit consists parts like a Heavy duty Motor- 3 HP, Gear box- CD110, Mixer shaft,  Anchor type Mixing blade etc. All the material contact parts like Mixing shaft, Blade unit, shaft support, are made from stainless steel 304 quality machined and finished.
 There is a special anchor type blade attached on the shaft. The blade is fixed at 2 heights and a separate blade is attached at top side of the shaft which can be set as per mixing level required.
There is a speed control unit (VFD)provided with the unit as separate control panel, where a speed control knob and push button switch are provided to start, reduce or increase the speed of mixing. There is no splashing during the mixing is the speciality of our Mixer Unit.
A 3 HP 3 Phase geared Motor is directly coupled with the unit with maximum speed of 100 RPM, which has the capacity to run from 1 RPM to 100 RPM with unchanged torque gives uniform mixing when the material is more or less in any case.
Operating this unit is very much simple. The material is poured into the vessel from the top and the unit is ready to do mixing. Now, you can start the machine by switching ON the Start button on the panel box and push button to start the drive. Make sure the connections to the mains are ON. Now, you may rotate the speed control knob clock-wise to increase the speed as per required. The mixer blade will mix the material from the sides and from top to bottom. It creates a uniformly mixed product. Each mixing will take maximum 2-3 hours as per the wax is considered. The mixed material can be collected through the bottom ball valve and there by to the Filter Housing unit for filteration.


  • Machine Model: AEHMV750
  • Machine dimensions: 40” W X 40” B X 85” H
  • Vessel Size: 1000mm ID X 1250mm H, Dished bottom with ball valve of 2”
  • Vessel: Stainless steel 10gauge  mirror finish from inside
  • Jacket : Stainless steel 12 gauge, for jacket, mat finish from outside.
  • Insulation: SS304 Grade 12 Gauge for outer Insulation.
  • Heater for jacket: 3 KwH capacity X 6 nos.
  • Machine weight: 800 kgs.
  • Mounting Brackets: 4 Nos at middle part at diametrically opposite sides
  • Mixing capacity: From 100 kgs to 500 kgs at a time.
  • Blade type: special closed anchor  type design.
  • Blade sweep diameter: 36” diameter.
  • Mixing shaft length: 1200mm long.
  • Mixing shaft diameter: 65 mm.
  • Mixing speed: from1 RPM to 100RPM as per VFD control.
  • Mixing Motor: 3HP, 3 Phase Induction motor, 2 pole. Eltek Make attached with hollow-shaft gear box Eltek Overseas make.
  • Power consumption:  3 Phase 440VAC, 20KwH.
  • All product contact parts are in Stainless steel 304 Quality.
  • Insulating glass wool jacket made of SS304 grade 12 gauge sheet metal provided to protect the operator and to save temperature drop.


Material Metal
Shape Cylinder Shape, Round
Application Gases, Transmit Liquids
Capacity 100-1000ltr
Pressure 0-15bar
Surface Finishing Chemical Coated
Features Anti Corrosive, Durable
Warranty 1year